Physiotherapy & Nutrition

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physiotherapy4At SIGMA patients are managed by a team of qualified physiotherapists who assist the medical team in managing patients in the post operative phase. Physiotherapy is essential in these patients following surgery to prevent complications associated with poor mobility, especially in the elderly. By judicious use of the physiotherapy and rehabilitation, complications like severe chest infections, venous thrombo-embolism and deep vein thrombosis are prevented to a great extent.

dietician at SIGMA

Nutrition and diet management forms an important component of the pre and post operative management of patients who undergo major digestive surgery. Tailoring the diet in a manner which meets the requirement for both energy (calories), proteins and essential micro-nutrient is essential to ensure the best surgical outcomes. Patients who suffer from chronic gut related illnesses like diverticulitis etc also benefit from dietary lifestyle management. Our team of nutritionists cater to the needs of patients by preparing personalized diet charts which ensure optimal outcomes.